Renaissance Awards 2020

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In the times of storm, there is still light.


“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” — Musician poet Leonard Cohen


We believe that with harder times, there comes more abundant creativity. Independent creative works, as the force of the forceless, as the light of the lightless, are the power of the powerless. They escape through every single crack, and run towards the land of freedom.


The Renaissance Awards is founded on the belief in creative and avant-garde works. With the challenge to the mainstream and taboos, with the breakthrough of cogitation and aesthetics, with the concern about the truth and the disadvantaged, avant-garde works consist of both the spirit of times and liberty. This is what the Renaissance Awards hopes to recommend. We encourage independent works in the Sinophone world that pioneer and care the society, while gathering more appreciators who value autonomy and freedom.

We are not running out of choices. The wings of freedom always shine upon us.



Translated titles (marked with an asterisk) are used where an original English title is not present.


Music Award:

Kinakaian Mother Tongue – Abao

kinakaian 母親的舌頭》ABAO 阿爆(阿仍仍)

Phantom Rhythm – Gong Gong Gong


Harsh – Sophy Wong



Drama Film Award:

Suk Suk – Ray Yeung


Detention – John Hsu


Beyond the Dream – Kiwi Chow



Documentary Film Award:

Bamboo Theatre – Cheung Cheuk


Lost Course – Jill Li


3cm – WONG Siu Pong



Literature Award:

Light Hidden in Dust* - CHOW Hon Fai


Everything I’ve Told You about that Mountain* - LIU Chen Chi



Non-fiction Writing Award:

Sparks of Life: The German Experience with Ageing – Yimen Chen


Salt to the Sea: Interviews of the Hong Kong Post 90’s Generation – Bobo Choy


The Kaohsiung Incident, Not So Long Time Ago – Hsiangyen Tang




March 2020 – Open for Nomination

May 2020 – Announcement of List of Finalists

5 June 2020 – Polling Open for “Initium X Renaissance Communications Grand Prize”

TBD – Award Ceremony

TBD – Showcase of Finalist Works & Public Forums