Tim Yip Masterclass

Renowned artists are invited to share their experiences with local young talents and provide them with opportunities to participate in various art projects in Hong Kong – Oscar Winner for Best Art Direction Yip Kam Tim is hosting masterclass with creative talks, guidance and interactive sharing covering multi-media arts, including photography, videography, sculpture, stage design and styling.

Under the guidance of Tim Yip, the fifteen participants has accomplished their photography or videography works. Outstanding candidates are nominated by the Foundation for competition and exhibition, including the ifva (Incubator for Film and Visual media in Asia).


Tim Yip's Profile:

Tim Yip is a multi-discipline artist with works in costume design, visual and contemporary art. With Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Tim won the Oscar for Best Art Direction and Costume Design and the British Academy Film Award for Best Costume Design in 2001. He also was the Art Director of John Woo’s film Red Cliff in 2008 and the Art Director of the TV drama based on a Chinese literature classic Dream of the Red Chamber in 2010. He is renowned for his accomplishments on costume design and art direction for many films and theatrical performances.

“Renaissance Talents Incubation Program - Masterclass with Yip Kam Tim” is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

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