City of 0: Media x Body x Sound x Device x Performance

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A seemingly fictional city with story plots we all know: its structure built by bodies, its outline carved by devices, and its sound turning into language — just like a machine running non-stop until its demise.

After lectures, workshops and technical experiments in three stages, GayBird, Ata Wong, Vanissa Law and Fung Wing-lam, aided by their fellow creators, lead project participants in forging a performance uniquely its own: a multifaceted exhibition, with installations covering drama, movements, devices, sound, image, computer programmes and more, resembles a flea market as well as a city; separate units, once streamed on a mega-sized screen, meld into an organic whole. Plus interactive performances by actors the experience ignites your senses in ways unimagined before!

  • Date: 6-7/11 (Sat – Sun)
  • Venue: PMQ QUBE
  • Rundown:
    • 1400 – 1600 Exhibition
    • 1600 – 1800 Exhibition x Interactive Performance
    • 1800 – 1900 Finale Performance
  • Free Activity
  • Remark: November 5 (Friday) 18:00-19:30 is an open rehearsal, open to the public.

Main Creators: GayBird, Ata Wong, Vanessia Law and Cat Fung

Composers and musicians: GayBird, hirsk and Vanissa Law

Production Manager: Joyi Tsang
Lighting Designer: Allen Fung
Assistant Lighting Designer and Programmer: Rachel Ip
Special Lighting Effect Programmer: Jimmy Chan
Video Designer: Lui Hin Chung
Set Designer: Keung Cheuk Chung
Sound Designer: Hong @ Miso
Costume Designer: Cheung Siu Mei
Technical Designer: Fung Wing Lam
Stage Manager: Jeff Lai
Deputy Stage Manager: Yannus Li
Video Programmer and operator: Tai Nga Chun
Sound Engineer and operator: Gary @ Miso
Audio Assistant: Sam @ Miso
Assistant Stage Manager: Little Kwong / Luk Pak Yin / Kenny Lee
Costume Team: Cally Tang / CK @ZEP
Set and Technical Production: ONEvent Productions Limited
Audio Production: Miso Tech Co Ltd.

Machine & Art NOW

Renaissance Foundation


To safeguard public health and safety, the following arrangements and precautionary measures are implemented:

  • Participants are requested to bring and wear a mask throughout their visit (including the photo-taking period) to protect themselves and others.
  • Participants are advised to keep distance during their stay and group gathering of more than four people is prohibited. They are also advised to keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres as far as feasible between himself/herself and any other person during visit.
  • Participants are required to scan the “LeaveHomeSafe” QR code or register their names, contact number and the date and time of the visit before entering the sites for necessary contract tracing if a confirmed case is found.
  • Participants are required to have their body temperature checked at the entrance. Persons with fever or respiratory symptoms are not allowed to enter into the sites.
  • Admission will be on a first come, first served basis, and the temporary crowd control measures will be arranged when there are large number of participants. Participants are urged to follow the instructions of the staff on site.