RFHK Film Festival 2012


Date: 25th November 2012 (Sunday)
Venue: Broadway Cinematheque

Independent Films being screened:
- "Mama" (Director: Zhang Yuan)
- "Drifting" (Director: Lam Sum)
- "21 Years After" (Director: Lo Chun-yip)
- "Paradox" (Director: Lo Chun-yip)
- "Loft in the air" (Director: Chan Ho Lun Fredie)
- "Twins Café" (Director: Ho Sik Ying)
- "Love and Punish" (Director: Ho Sik Ying)
- "6th March" (Director: Wong Chun)
- "Not Now But When" (Director: Yuen Chi Him)
- "I'm Here" (Director: Chui Ian Sin)