"How to revive our city with arts and culture" (Seminar at Hong Kong Book Fair 2014)


Date: 16th July 2014 (Thu)
Time: 3 - 4:30 pm
Venue: Meeting Room S221, L2, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Speakers: Leung Man-tao, Fruit Chan, Anthony Wong Yiu-ming, Chang Tieh-chih
Moderator: Tang Siu Wa

Book Recommendation:
"Revive our city, our land with arts and culture"

renaissance-book 20140716

Sharing from 29 creative talents from different fields:
Music -- Anthony Wong, Chow Yiu Fai, HOCC, Adrian Chow, Gaybird, Susie Au, Ellen Joyce Loo, Ahkok Wong, Chang Tieh-chih
Film -- Johnnie To, Wen Tien-hsiang, Ying Liang, Heiward Mak, Fruit Chan, Kenneth Ip, Angelina Chen, Zhang Hong, Chang Chao-wei
Writing -- Chan Koonchung, Xu Zhiyuan, Lawrence Poon, Ge Liang, Hon Lai-chu, So Wai-ching, Leila Chan, Annie Zhang, Han Han, Tang Siu Wa, Li Zhaoxing

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