A Song Worths A Thousand Words - The Inspired Island II Music Collection


The Inspired Island II: Literature-Film Festival is now calling for music and lyrics based on the works of seven Chinese writers from all Hong Kong young talents. The second series of literary films documenting writers’ life and creation, including three local writers and four from Taiwan, is going to release theatrically in January 2016. Celebrating upon the cultural event, we are inviting people who are interested in music, literature and film to compose songs and lyrics depicting related literary works. With music, let us have dialogues with literature and life!

Selection criteria:

  1. Original and free style

  2. Lyrics have to be:

          a. Adopted from the seven writers’ work

          b. Related to the writer and their works (please specify)

     3.  Length: not shorter than 1 minute

     4.  Each participant can hand in more than 1 piece

Principles of election: 

     1. Creativity (Ideas, Arrangement, Originality) 

     2. Content (Linkages to Literature) 

     3. Quality of production (Recording, Vocal, Presentation) 

Awards and bonus for the top three:

      $1000 HKD and a box set of The Inspird Island 1 DVD 

Selected works will be: 

      1. Established as the thematic songs for the Literature-Film Festival

      2. Invited for performance in a concert

Application procedures and deadline:

The application deadline is 23:59pm, 20 October 2015 (Tuesday). The applicant should deposit a DVD contained the songs (including a personal statement and a letter of work description) in an envelop marked “A Song Worth A Thousand Words - The Inspired Island II Music Collection”, into the applications box at the Renaissance Foundation Office (10/F, Hollywood Commercial House, 3-5 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong) or to the email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the deadline.


Contact - 2811 8766

Fb 文藝復興基金會

Fb 他們在島嶼寫作2


The seven writers include:

-Prof Liu Yi-chang, BBS, MH Lau, Yee-cheung (劉以鬯), a notable writer and novelist in Hong Kong. One of his most notable stream of consciousness novellas Tête-bêche (《對倒》) inspired Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-wai's In the Mood for Love.

-Kenneth Pai Hsien-yung (白先勇), a world renowned writer, playwright and producer of Kunqu(崑曲).

-Xixi (西西), an eminent HK writer. Her book My City opens up the discussion of identity and subjectivity of HK people.

-Yesi (也斯), a HK writer transgresses between the boundaries of literature and media, east and west. He is famous for his delicate representation of food and material.

-Ya Hsien (瘂弦), an influential Taiwanese poet and was also an editor for a leading Taiwanese newspaper. His poems are rhythmic, lively and full of passion.

-Lo Fu (洛夫), a distinguished Taiwanese poet. He is probably the most widely read contemporary poet on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and in other Chinese-speaking regions.

-Lin, Wen-yue (林文月), an important scholar, writer and translator from Taiwan. Her translation on the Japanese canon The Tale of Genji is one of the treasures of Chinese literature.