Ear Up Busking 2019


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25 groups of young musicians and fashion designers crossover in this project! Five days of visual and audio enjoyment are right here for you.

Show venue: The Space, D2 Place I


Lineup for 29th November 2019: SAGAS, Clover Lei, Peachyri, Club Fiasco, Charming Way + (Guest) Nowhere Boys

Lineup for 30th November 2019: SUNSET OR RISE, Delta T, COPAK, DFG, NG Lam Fung + (Guest) Subyub Lee

Lineup for 1st December 2019: Prune Deer, Cousin, THE SULIS CLUB, SENZA, Mocking Bullet + (Guest) Serrini

Lineup for 21st December 2019: Maggie Tsoi, The Flashback, Luther’s Sister, ZELOS, Matt Yau + (Guest) Lil' Ashes

Lineup for 22nd December 2019: Boyz Reborn, Movement, METER ROOM, Edward C., Whizz + (Guest) GDJYB