IX 玖號

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IX 玖號

Mark Tai | 主音 Vocals / 結他 Guitar
Dave Leung | 低音結他 Bass
Ken Wan | 鼓 Drums

"One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star..."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

當一切井然有序,創意通常停滯不前。IX相信創造力的真正源頭是混亂。IX 矢志用音樂呈現赤裸的情感,挑戰傳統格式,以一種有別於常態的眼光審視,甚至詮釋現實世界和社會。
Mark Tai,IX的主音及結他手,2014年夏季於美國波士頓,柏克萊音樂學院畢業,主修現代編曲及製作,亦是第二十五屆CASH流行曲創作大賽最佳曲詞得主 (曲詞包辦) ,現與監製 Alex Fung 馮翰銘共事。
Dave Leung,IX的低音結他手及Ken Wan,IX的鼓手,分別為創意總監及影片製作人。除了參與音樂創作,他們會將樂隊的音樂概念引導到視像媒體中表達。因著IX中各個成員有不同的音樂背景及創作專長,IX的音樂風格及理念才會如此與別不同,別樹一幟。

Creativity is stagnated when everything is in order. It is our believe that chaos is the source of creativity. We intent to disclose our genuine emotion, challenge the conformed status quo, and interpret the society and the world with our unique style of music.
Mark Tai, vocalist and guitarist of IX, is graduated from Berklee College of Music majoring in Contemporary Writing and Production and the Winner of Best Song (and Lyrics) in the 25th CASH Songwriters’ Quest, now working in the industry with Producer Alex Fung.
Dave Leung, the bassist of IX, and Ken Wan, the drummer of IX, are creative director and video director respectively. Their contribution to the group is not only musical, but also visual and conceptual. It is the unique speciality and vision of each of the band members that brought together a music genre that has been rarely found.




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