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Iris Liu|主音 Vocals
Dipsy Ha|小號 Trumpet / 鍵盤 Keyboard

Iris 及 Dipsy 均畢業於香港演藝學院作曲系。2014 年尾,二人組成實驗流行音樂樂隊﹣SoundTube,以「將聲音放進試管,研發新的音樂」為使命,音樂風格嚴肅、爵士及電子兼備,積極發表作品及作公開演出。於 2015 年 11 月,以一曲《灣仔幽靈》奪得文藝復興基金會主辦之「潑墨泡樂——他們在島嶼寫作II歌曲徵集」優異獎。現正籌備第二張專輯。

SoundTube, a local experimental pop duet shouldering a mission to “blend different sounds into test tube and create innovative music”, was formed in 2014 with Iris LIU (Vocal) and Dipsy HA (Piano & Trumpet) as core members. Graduates from HKAPA with composition as their major, Iris and Dipsy equipped themselves with sound backgrounds on serious, jazz and electronic music, which then became the signatures of their works.
SoundTube won their first kudos in 2015, when their song “Apparition of Wanchai” won the “A Song Worths A Thousand Words – The Inspired Island II Music Collection” organized by Renaissance Foundation. Iris and Dipsy, are now actively writing songs and performing gigs, while their sophomore album will be available very soon.


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