Winter Bagels

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Winter Bagels

Kaki | 主音 Vocals / 結他 Guitar
Cup | 和音 Chorus / 結他 Guitar
Gladys | 和音 Chorus / 敲擊 Percussion

Winter Bagels成立於2016年初,是一支以acoustic pop為主要風格的樂隊。成員包括主音及結他手Kaki、Cup 和鼓手Gladys。
Winter Bagels 主張從生活取材,從微細到遠大的題材逐步發掘更多可能性。Winter Bagels 活躍於本地音樂活動,曾獲邀參與「賽馬會街頭音樂系列」表演,2016年6月入圍搶耳音樂廠牌計劃 (Ear Up Music) 學員之一,7月中推出首張同名專輯《Winter Bagels》,8月到東歐街頭賣藝,9月回港繼續活躍於本地音樂表演。

Winter Bagels is an acoustic-pop band formed in Jan 2016 by lead vocalist and guitarist Kaki, Cup and percussionist Gladys. The band is active in local music events. They have been invited to perform in Jockey Club Street Music Series. They are selected as one of the mentees of "Ear Up" record label creation and incubation program launched by Renaissance Foundation in June 2016. After the release of their debut EP Winter Bagels in July, they went busking in Eastern Europe in August and continue to participate in local music events actively right after.


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