"Our Land, Our People" - RFHK Summer Camp 2014

With the theme of "Our Land, Our People", the Camp recruits creative young talents in the fields of Music, Film, Literature and Visual Arts to participate in creative training and experiments which last for 6 days. Renowned talents are invited to be guest speakers and tutors in the camp. Through activities such as general lectures, specialized seminars, tutorials and master performances, young talents are encouraged to participate in cross-media artistic creations, and are expected to be inspired in all aspects. 

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Date: 8th - 13th July 2014
Deadline for Application: 20th May 2014 (Tuesday)
Theme: "Our Land, Our People"
Organized by: Renaissance Foundation; General Education Unit, HKU
Venue: Kadoorie Centre, HKU
Vacancies: 80
Groups: 1. Music; 2. Film; 3. Literature; 4. Visual Arts
Fee: HKD 3,000 for Hong Kong applicants; HKD 5,000 for Mainland China and overseas applicants

Keynote Speakers:
Music: Anthony Wong, Li Zhi, Chang Tieh-chih, Ellen Joyce Loo, Mike Orange, No. 6, Tim Lui
Video: Diao Yinan, Cai Shangjun, Zhou Hao, Felix Chong Man-Keung
Literature: Huang Canran, Liu Wai-tong, Chan Wai, Yau Ching, Tang Siu Wa
Visual Arts: Tim Yip, Pak Sheung Chuen, MC Yan

Criteria for Application:
1、Age between 18 to 30
2、Hope to develop in the fields of Music, Video, Literature and Visual Arts, with relevant works and knowledge


Co-organized by: People Mountain People Sea; Li Xianting's Film Fund; The House of Hong Kong Literature; Para Site
Supported by: Department of Humanities and Creative Writing, HKBU; Film and TV School, HKAPA; Department of Cultural Studies, LU; Design School, PolyU; HKICC Lee Shau Kee School Of Creativity
Strategic Partners: City Pictorial
Partners from Mainland China: Pin-to Livros & Musica, Yoyu App, Chinese Film Media Awards, Youku, Huangdao Music Fund, Voutu
Media Partners: City Magazine, Fleurs des Lettres, The House News