Stray Dogs at the Museum : TSAI Ming-liang’s Solo Exhibition

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Curator : TSAI Ming-liang

Organizer : Guangdong Times Museum

Special Supports : Renaissance Foundation  Dongfang Hotel  fangsuo commune  UBER

Special Thanks : Times Property


Period of Exhibition: 2015.7.18 2015.9.6


Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Friday 13:00 21:30

Saturday/Sunday 10:00 21:30

Closed on Monday

Stray Dogs Screening Schedule

13:20  14:10  15:00  15:50  16:40  18:20  19:10

Additional Screening on Saturday/Sunday

10:20  11:10  12:00



Guangdong Times Museum

Times Rose Garden III, Huang Bian Bei Road, Bai Yun Avenue North,Guangzhou

Metro Line 2 Huangbian Station,Exit D

Ticket Price: 50RMB

Further information and presell by telephone: 020-26272363

With a ticket you can spend a whole day at the Times Museum and absorb yourself in the exhibition designed by TSAI Ming-liang. Besides, there are varied activities such as artist’s talks and documentary screening where you can communicate face to face with the world renowned director and go deeper into his creation world.



About TSAI Ming-liang and Stray Dogs at the Museum


After the exhibitionTSAI Ming-Liangat the Museum of Louvre, the TSAI Ming-Liang's Retrospective at the Museum of Moving Image in New York, the International Film Installation Exhibition: Discovering The Otherat the Taipei Palace Museum and representing Taiwan in Venice Biennale in 2007, TSAI Ming-liang, the world renowned avant-garde artist who has been in the spotlight for more than 20 years, is collaborating with the Guangdong Times Museum to hold his long awaited debut exhibition in Mainland China. This is also the first time that TSAI Ming-liang's work will be presented in its original form in Mainland China.

TSAI Ming-liang is one of the representative directors of the 2nd generation of Taiwan's New Wave cinema movement. His cold and sharp film style represents the empty and mysterious spiritual world of man in the modern society. His films Vive L'Amour, The River, The Wayward Cloud, and Stray Dogs have successively won the Golden Lion Price at the Venice Film Festival(1994), the Grand Prize of the Jury at the Berlin Film Festival(1997), the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival (2005), and the Grand Prize of the Jury at the Venice Film festival (2013). He has been the recipient of five Fipresci Prize voted by the International Federation of Film Critics. In 2009, his work Face entered the collection of the museum of Louvre and became the first film collection of this world-renowned museum.

As one of the genius trans-boundary film directors, TSAI Ming-liang has devoted himself into the creation of contemporary art in recent years. His video installation It's a dream was presented at the Venice Biennale in 2007 and has since been entered into the collection of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. In 2014, he co-produced and co-staged the theatre playThe Monk From Tang Dynastyin partnership with the Kunsten Festival DesArts in Brussel, Wiener Festwochen(Vienna), the Taipei Arts Festival, and the Asian Culture Complex-Asian Arts Theatre (Gwangju). In the same year, his film Stray Dogs was presented in the Museum of National Taipei University of Education, in the form of video installations which pioneered a way to bring films into museums.

Public Programmes

Before the opening:

2015.7.10 (Fri) 19302130 TSAI Ming-liang’s Lecture at Fangsuo

2015.7.11 (Sat) 19302130 Special Screening and Q&A of the documentary Yesterday

                           at Guangdong Times Museum; admission by presell ticket

2015.7.09(Sat) 2015.7.12(Sun) 2015.7.14(Tues)  20002200

TSAI Ming-liang's lectures at Times Museumadmission by presell ticket

NoteWith a presell ticket, you can participate in one of these lectures and visit the exhibition in any date during the exhibition period.

During the Exhibition:

2015.7.17 (Fri)  VIP Preview 

2015.7.18 (Sat) Artist Talk by TSAI Ming-liang:

2015.7.19 (Sun) Audience Meeting with TSAI Ming-liang and LEE Kang-sheng

There will be varied kinds of activities during the whole period of exhibition, such as:  late-night lectures, concerts and Sleep-over at the Museum.

For updates and further information, please subscribe to Times Museum Wechat account, or closely follow our Sina Weibo, Douban and official website; All events happen within Times Museum except for special notice.