Ear Up Incubation 2020



Play it alone, why not jam it along! With harder times, comes more need to support one another, and to sow freshmen for the future. The Renaissance Foundation aligns with various parties in the music industry, the academia and the creative field, under the sponsorship of HKSAR Government’s Create HK, takes no rest to nurture and incubate small- and medium-sized music labels, in order to enrich the ecology of the Hong Kong music industry. Through professional coaching, marketing training, networking and live shows, the Ear Up Incubation Programme provides a flatform for young creatives to pursue an operation model of independent music label and assists them to find the way that fit them, and acquire a vast sight of music taste and space of development.


Mentors (in alphabetical order)

Adrian Chow, Vee Lee, Alok Leung, Gaybird Leung, Teddy Robin, James Ting, YUEN Chi Chung


Programme Highlights

Audition – Potential musicians and groups will be invited to an audition, to bid for the 18 quotas.

Mentorship – Music professionals will serve as mentors during the entire programme, to coach and guide participants in the industry with fruitful experiences.

Performance Workshops – Two sessions: “Sound Engineering Workshop” and “Live Performance Workshop”, there will be on-site coaching from guests along with professional live house environment and audio system, to enhance participants’ capability.

International Music Industry Forum – Three sessions that broaden participants’ views on the global music landscape and development trends.

International Networking Meetings – Opportunities to communicate with musicians and delegates from all over the world, and make contact for future potential cooperations

EarUp Showcase – Shows in livehouses and campuses for participants to gain performance experiences and fans.

Professional Meetings – After the Showcase, participants have the chance to take advices and recommendations from international delegates face-to-face.

Day Camp – Eight sessions of workshop offer professional knowledge and insight about building and operating label brands, as well as customized analysis and advice for individual participants.

Music Talks – In these seminars guests share their views on development tendencies of the music industry, so as to raise the understanding about the industry among the public and to expand the market of audiences.

Ear Up Music Festival – Twelve groups of participants will get on stage at the MacPherson Stadium and show their music talent. Four awards: EarUp Grand Prize, EarUp Creativity Award, EarUp Performance Award and EarUp Audience Award will also be presented on the same night.