Talent Development Scheme (TDS) 2013-14

The program seeks to identify outstanding gifted artists and researchers among the Renaissacne summer camp 2013 delegates and empower them to pursue a lifelong endeavor with a real contribution to arts, culture and society at-large. Building on themomentum of the summer camp, a talent development program with mentorship, project-based learning and funding will be launched. In addition to selected artists around music, film and creative writing, a young researcher will be selected to conduct a cultural policy research project under the guidance of principal investigator and academic advisors. All selected participants will be required to complete an art or research project in one year and their end products will be presented to the public through event and publication.

Details of the Scheme

1)Streams open for application

i) Arts stream:

o   Can be individual project or group projects
o   Can be cross-genre or single genre

Participants will be encouraged to experiment single- or cross-genre creation and they will be required to execute their ideas under the guidance of their supervisors, who are the experts across the cultural industries, ranging from music to film and creative writing. Participants are eligible to apply for up to HKD 150,000 project fund that will cover project expenses only. 

ii)Research stream:

One outstanding participant will be part of a one-year research project, which aims at supporting the future creative generation in Hong Kong. The person will be given flexibility to choose the topic and come up with their original research proposal. The participant will actualize the research proposal and conduct the research under the guidance and mentorship from the
principal investigator and academic advisors. There will be a one-day symposium that brings together key stakeholders, including scholars on cultural policy, creative workers, educators as well as strategic partners of this sub-project. Key findings will be presented at the symposium to facilitate dialogue around the subject. Media will be invited to attend the symposium and cover the event. In addition, the project will be turned into a conference paper and submitted to international conferences. 

2)Featured Supervisors

i) Arts Stream

Music: Mr. Wong Yiu-ming Anthony, Mr. Kwok Kai-Wah Wallace
Film: Mr. Poon Eric T.P., Mr. Kenneth Ip
Literature: Mr. Chang Tieh-chih, Ms. Tang Siu-wa

ii) Research Stream

Principal Investigator: Dr. Chow Yiu-fai
Policy Advocacy Advisor: Ms. Lai Wing-yu Jade
Academic Advisors: Prof. Chan Ching Kiu Stephen, Prof. Anthony Fung, Prof. Chu Yiu Wai Stephen, Prof John Nguyet Erni

3To Apply for TDS

Applicants will have to submit:

(1) Proposal of Creative Project upon the theme "Our Earth, Our Land" (TDS Application Form (Arts Stream)TDS Application Form (Research Stream)

(2) Revelant Experiences and Past Works

* Please read thoroughly the Rules and Regulations for applying TDS before applying

Download and complete the application form, and submit the form by e-mail or by post with the materials needed.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Please title the mail as "TDS application_(your name)"
Address: 10/F, Hollywood Commercial House, 3-5 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong; please mark "TDS application_(your name)" on the envelope

* Note: 

(1) Please select one of the methods of application and submit the form with the materials needed

(2) Files being uploaded must not exceed 10MB

(3) Please do not submit compressed files (.zip or .rar)

(4) If you have to submit large files, please upload them to other online medium and paste the links on to the application form or in the e-mail

4Deadline for application:

Applicants must submit the application before 23:59 of 31st August 2013, either by e-mail or by post. 

5Standards for Selection


i) Creativity 
ii) Thoroughness and Feasibility 


i) Performance during the summer camp 
ii) Past experiences and works

Selection Board will examine, make decisions and conduct interviews upon materials submitted. Not more than 5 projects will be selected.

6Project Timeline:


Arts Stream

Research Stream

Sept 2013

Project selection and pitching forum

Oct 2013

Projects start with ongoing mentorship and coaching

Feb 2014

Mid-term review

Oct 2014

Projects completed and final review

Jan 2015

Projects presentation seminar and dissemination events (incl. screening, music performance and book release event)

Symposium, policy report, conference paper, academic publication and thought leadership article on mass media

Organized by: Renaissance Foundation

Sponsored by: Lee Hysan Foundation